Meet the team

Andudu Ruth Eyal


Working in the charity sector mainly within Finance & Administration Ruth enjoys working in the NGO sector and especially with IHCC because it was an opportunity to work with children. It was also a platform to integrate the medical field with the charity sector. “I enjoy working with IHCC because I have an opportunity to participate in creating positive change, bringing hope and putting a smile on the faces of children as they are being provided with the opportunities for better hearing. My best moments are hearing success stories of how a child is benefiting from their hearing aid, responding to sound and how it has improved other aspects of their life. My days at IHCC are unique & unpredictable because you will get to interface with children who have different stories and experiences to tell.”

Josephine Buteru


I am a hardworking, flexible and multi skilled person in various fields. I easily adapt to new environments and culture. I strongly believe in team work and being a team player. I have a quick understanding of work methodologies and concepts. I am passionate about working with children, speaking different languages and I love to cook. I love my work at IHCC because audiology is an exciting and fascinating field. I enjoy the interaction with children and family members. It’s a challenging and yet rewarding career for me. I view each child with a hearing impairment as a puzzle to be solved. It is satisfying to invest your time and energy into a profession that improves the quality of life for others. I was drawn to work with IHCC because it was an opportunity to interact with young children and their families. It is an opportunity for me to apply my diagnostic and habilitative skills to help provide an optimal listening environment and helping children to have a better quality of life.



A healthcare worker who works in the clinics alongside Apollo. She is an experienced nurse and runs all the community outreach clinics where she not only treats the children but educates the mothers on general ear health.



An energetic team member, James is not only the driver for IHCC but works as a translator as required and has even been known to do a touch of DIY.