Dr S.K. Paul Choudhury

Medical Director

Recently retired from a position as a GP in a large group practice in Bedfordshire. Prior to this Paul worked in ENT departments in NHS hospitals for many years. He is now the medical director for the IHCC programme in Uganda and spends more than six months of the year at our clinics in Kampala and surrounding areas.

Contact address: paul@ihcc.org.uk

Liz Choudhury

Project Director

Elisabeth has over 20 years experience as a health care professional. A registered nurse and qualified midwife, for the past 15 years she has worked as a practice nurse in a GP surgery. She is passionate about public health and health promotion and is qualified in ‘Public Health Planning for Hearing Impairment’. It was this that led her and the team to form the IHCC charity in Uganda, with the aim of developing and raising the profile of hearing health care services in developing countries.

Contact address: liz@ihcc.org.uk

Rani Hesketh

Chair of IHCC Trust

With over 28 years at Tesco as an IT programmer and then Programme Director for major projects and Head of IT training and resourcing, Rani now uses her business experience in project management and communications to support IHCCs programme. Rani’s main focus is fundraising for the charity.

Contact address: Rani@ihcc.org.uk

Geoff Robins

Financial Director

Trained as a qualified Chartered Surveyor, Geoff uses his extensive commercial, legal and accountancy experience to facilitate the growth and development of IHCC.

Contact address: geoff@ihcc.org.uk

Elspeth Russell

Trustee and Clinical Practice Advisor

A retired nurse and midwife with 47 years experience, Elspeth also has a diploma in Clinical Teaching. Elspeth’s key role to date within IHCC has been fund raising, but we hope that it extends into teaching and clinical work in Uganda.

Pam Layton

Paediatric Audiology Advisor to IHCC

Pam became involved with the charity a few years ago advising the medical team about Paediatric Audiological Assessment. In March 2015 she took two weeks annual leave from her full time post as Community Paediatric Audiology Service Manager to go and work in Uganda. She worked as a Paediatric Audiologist carrying out assessments on children both in clinics and school settings. She also delivered training to local audiologists and health care workers. Her current project is writing a training programme to support the setting up of Newborn Hearing Screening. She also continues to support audiologists in Uganda to gain the skills and competencies necessary to carry out assessment and ongoing management of hearing impaired children.

Elhaam Hashim


Elhaam graduated from UCL with a BSc in Audiology and currently works as an adult audiologist in London and also has experience working as a paediatric audiologist. Elhaam supports the IHCC by providing advice on hearing aids and auditory brainstem response traces. She is also currently helping to set up the school screening program in Kampala.

Jude Chapman

Marketing and Communications

A creative director with over 22 years experience working with multinational companies. Jude uses her creative skills and marketing knowledge to ensure IHCC messages are communicated to a range of audiences, across a wide variety of materials including websites, posters, brochures, emails and even frisbees.